Posted On: January 7, 2009 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Duragesic Pain Patches Recalled

The PriCara division of Johnson & Johnson recalled two lots of the pain patch Duragesic, or fentanyl. According to this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer the patch was recalled because of tears in the products that could expose users directly to the product's effective gel, causing an overdose.

The company issued a similar defective pharmaceutical product recall in February, but it was on a larger scale for a less potent dosage of the drug. In a statement, the company said the latest manufacturing problems have been corrected.

Duragesic, or fentanyl, is a potent opioid pain reliever and skin exposure directly to the gel within the patch can lead to respiratory problems and a fatal overdose.

The company said Duragesic 50 mcg/hr patches under the lot number 0817239 are being recalled. Anyone who comes in contact with fentanyl gel should thoroughly wash exposed skin with water only as anything else may only increase the medicine’s ability to go through the skin. Patches with cut edges should be carefully disposed of by flushing them down the toilet, without directly handling them.

The recall is being conducted in conjunction with the Food and Drug Administration. Other strengths including 12.5, 25, 75 and 100 mcg/hr are not affected, the company added.

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