Posted On: June 8, 2009 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Gloucester County Woman Killed by Unlicensed Driver

Rubiel Sanchez-Ramirez caused a fatal car accident in Clayton, NJ on June 2. According to this article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, he was charged with causing a death while driving without a license and cited for several lesser violations. His bail was set that same day at $100,000 in Gloucester County, NJ.

Sanchez-Ramirez was driving an SUV in Deschler Blvd. in NJ when he struck and killed Mary P. Rogers, 52, of Williamstown, NJ.

According to the article, Sanchez-Ramirez, 25, received only minor injuries.

He was detained in Gloucester County Jail by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency because of his alleged status as an illegal alien from Mexico.

Sanchez-Ramirez should be held both criminally and civilly responsible for the accident and the death of Mary P. Rogers. Her family deserves to be rightfully compensated for their tremendous loss. They would be well advised to contact a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney who will file a wrongful death claim on their behalf and fight for their rights.

When needless death occurs due to negligence of another party, Philly wrongful death lawsuits can be filed. In these lawsuits, the decedent’s heirs sue the negligent party or parties for damages related to the loss of life and their own pain and suffering.

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