Posted On: June 11, 2009 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

PennDOT Worker Injured by Big Rig Driver

A Michigan truck driver faces reckless driving charges after his big rig hit a traffic cone and then struck a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation worker on April 30, 2009, according to a report. Truck driver Donald Minehart apparently did not realize that he hit the cone, which then struck a PennDOT supervisor who suffered injuries as a result. Minehart continued to driver and was stopped by troopers. The auto accident occurred in a work zone on Interstate 81 near exit 141.

This is not the first time a PennDOT worker has been injured by a careless driver. In May 2001, Richard Bradley, a PennDOT worker from West Hazleton, died when a teen driver struck him and three others on East Butler Drive in Butler Township. In this particular case, the worker was fortunate to get away without major injuries. However, this workplace injury serves as an important reminder for motorists to drive with caution along freeway construction zones.

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