Posted On: June 12, 2009 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Pennsylvania Fatal Motorcycle Accident

A Pennsylvania motorcyclist was killed after crashing head-on into a minivan on Route 352 in Delaware County, according to this CBS News report. According to Pennsylvania State Police, the motorcycle was traveling southbound on Route 352 when it veered into the northbound lanes and struck a Dodge Caravan. The motorcyclist, 53-year-old Jeffrey Hoyle, was thrown from the motorcycle and was pronounced dead at the scene of the PA auto accident. Five people inside the van, including a 2-year-old child and a 91-year-old man, were taken to an area hospital with unknown injuries.

Motorcycles are increasingly becoming a popular means of transportation in the United States and here in Pennsylvania especially given the current economic pressures and rising gas prices. But unfortunately, riding motorcycles is risky. Very often, when it comes to motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania, it is the motorcyclist who suffers major injuries or death. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 4,000 deaths and 76,000 injuries each year in the United States can be attributed to motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents can occur due to many reasons including the motorcycle's error, use of alcohol or drugs, a product defect in the motorcycle, a dangerous condition on the roadway or because of the other motorist's negligence. Motorcyclists can lose control of their vehicles also because of a mechanical malfunction or a product defect, which can trigger a mechanical malfunction. If your motorcycle accident is caused as a result of a product defect or another person's negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries, damages and loss. If you have been injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle accident, please call the experienced Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyers at Cherry, Fieger & Marciano LLP. to find out more about your legal rights and options.