Posted On: October 28, 2009 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Lift Accident's 75-Year-Old Victim Files Suit

A 75-year-old woman was injured on October 12 when an aerial lift crashed into the roof of a Center City apartment building, causing debris to fall on her. According to an article in the Philadelphia Daily News, the woman tried to protect her head, but the impact of the 125-foot boom broke her left arm and crushed her elbow. She fell face-first to the ground and debris and bricks from the roof hit her, fracturing her spine.

She, along with her attorneys, filed a notice of plans to sue Masonry Preservation Group, Inc., of Merchantville, N.J., and First Presbyterian Church, of 21st near Walnut. The aerial-lift operator was killed in the accident and two others besides the woman were injured.

The operator was repairing loose masonry on the church, when a huge wheel of the lift platform ran over a fiberglass and cement TV-cable box embedded in the sidewalk.

The weight of the heavy machinery broke the cover of the cable box and destabilized the lift, causing it to slowly fall, taking down a streetlight, taking out a section of the roof of an apartment building and landing on a Verizon truck.

The woman fell under the lift and tried to push it off of her. She fractured vertebrae in her back when debris and bricks fell on her. Her attorneys are looking into whether proper permits for the work were obtained for the masonry repair, or if there were violations by the city Licenses and Inspections Department or the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

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