Posted On: January 22, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Pennsylvania Buckles Up

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has announced on its website that a record number of drivers are utilizing their seatbelts while on Pennsylvania roads, a whopping 88% of them. The previous high was reported in 2007 when 87% of drivers reported buckling up.

Secretary of Pennsylvania DOT, Allen D. Biehler, P.E., said, “The simple act of putting on a seat belt or properly restraining your child is the one step you can take to increase your chances of surviving a crash. PennDOT will continue to encourage every driver to buckle up and make sure everyone else in their vehicle does, too.”

Another factor for the record seatbelt use is that law enforcement has been boosted with 450 municipal and Pennsylvania State Police taking part in the statewide “Click It or Ticket” campaigns. Officials reported that more than 10,000 seatbelt citations were given this past year. Federal Funding provided the $2.5 million for the program that also included education in K-12 schools. Approximately 47,000 students are believed to have been reached.

PennDot reminded drivers that in Pennsylvania, all front seat passengers are required to wear a seatbelt. Not obeying the law can result in a ticket for $60. Kids 4-8 must be in a proper booster seat and anyone under 18 must be wearing a seatbelt. Kids under 8 must be placed in a child seat.

No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but unfortunately, with an ever growing number of cars on the road, the chances of it happening are ever increasing. In 2005, there were 6,159,000 auto crashes reported to law enforcement that produced 2,700,000 injuries.

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