Posted On: April 13, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

SUV Rolls Down NY Driveway, Kills Woman Gardening

On April 7, an empty SVU rolled down a driveway, crossed the road and struck a woman who was gardening in her upstate New York front yard. She was killed by the SUV. According to this article by the Associated Press, the accident happened on the morning of the 7th at Mountain View Trailer Park in Davenport, NY.

The 83-year-old woman was gardening in her front yard with her back to the road when she was struck by a Ford Expedition that rolled backward from a parked position.

The family of the deceased woman would be well advised to seek the advice of experienced wrongful death attorney. When needless death occurs due to negligence of another party, families are left to cope with significant emotional grief as well as financial strain in some cases.

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