Posted On: May 31, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Collision Kills Off-Duty N.J. Officer

An off-duty police officer was killed on May 8 when his motorcycle was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Lakewood, NJ. According to this article on, Angelo Vasile, 36, a Harvey Cedars police officer from Beachwood, NJ, was riding south on Route 9 when the accident occurred. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

The car involved in the collision was abandoned not far away and no arrests had been made. The Lakewood, NJ police are investigating the accident.

Though motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania have a variety of causes, common causes include unsafe road conditions, inclement weather, defective motorcycle parts, driver fatigue, drunk drivers, and driver error. The latter is the most common cause of Philadelphia motorcycle accidents. Some passenger vehicles simply don't understand the rules of the road and may hit a motorcycle while changing lanes, may disregard their presence on the road, or ignore right-of-way laws. Unfortunately, the toll is usually on the side of the motorcyclist in these cases.

Due to the inherent lack of protection while on a motorcycle, catastrophic injury often occurs, ranging from broken bones and minor lacerations and bruises to disfigurement, brain injury, paralysis and even death.

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NTHSA) estimates that 4,000 deaths and around 76,000 injuries take place every year due to motorcycle accidents.

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