Posted On: June 22, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

New Hanover Car Collides with Limo, Injures 8

On June 13, a limousine filled with passengers was struck by another vehicle along Church Road in New Hanover, PA. According to this article in the Delaware County Times, eight people were taken to hospitals because of injuries.

The article reported that when police arrived on the scene on the 3300 block of Church Road, each driver was still trapped inside their vehicles.

Sean Lawrence, 25, was driving his 1988 Ford Mustang north on Church Road when he collided with a 2010 Lincoln Navigator limousine.

The passengers were preparing to get out of the limousine when the accident happened.

The impact forced the limousine into a wooded area just north of the residence’s driveway. One of the seven female occupants was ejected from the passenger area of the limousine.

The drivers and six passengers were transported to different hospitals with unknown injuries.

The injured victims would be well advised to consult a skilled Pennsylvania injury attorney who is experienced with auto accidents and multiple party claims.

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If your vehicle sustained any damaged in the incident, repairs can be assessed by a body shop. Of course, your physical and emotional injuries associated with the PA vehicle accident are of the extremely important, and may result in compensation for pain and suffering, loss of future income, and loss of current income due to inability to perform job duties.

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