Posted On: July 2, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

PA Industrial Accident Leaves Two Employees Seriously Injured

An article released by stated that two employees working with the Ultra Resources well in Pennsylvania were seriously injured when a pipe coupling fell apart above them. The men were performing their normal duties when the coupling came apart sending metal debris flying everywhere. One man was struck in the head by a metal piece from the coupling and the other man ended up with broken ribs after being struck by metal debris as well.

Injuries suffered due to construction work can lead to months, if not years of rehabilitation and are often the most complicated cases to handle. Any worker who has sustained injury in Pennsylvania while on duty or in the course of performing duties required by their title can file a Philly workers’ compensation claim.

Companies in Pennsylvania are required by law to have PA workers compensation insurance which covers employee injuries due to work related accidents, illness caused by working conditions, as well as injuries resulting in death. Employers must provide adequate medical coverage, compensation for lost wages, and death benefits. It is when a company denies the proper amount of coverage necessary or when a “third party” is involved that you may take your claim.

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