Posted On: August 24, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Philadelphia SEPTA Bus Accident Injures 3

On August 10, a SEPTA bus plowed into the side of the Belgian restaurant Monk’s Cafe in Center City, PA. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the bus driver and two Delaware River Port Authority officers, who were also involved in the crash, suffered minor injuries. According to the article, after a police car apparently struck a pole across the street from Monk’s, the No. 2 SEPTA bus swerved to avoid the police vehicle and hit the front of the pub.

The accident crushed the entrance to the pub and forced more than a dozen residents in the building to evacuate the apartments above the restaurant.

The restaurant had to close for at least a week due to the property damage and tenants were forced to stay elsewhere temporarily.

The entrance and hallway leading to Monk’s restaurant was partially collapsed.

The victims here who were injured in the bus accident would be well advised to seek the advice of an experienced Philadelphia accident lawyer from Cherry, Fieger, and Marciano, LLP. They will review all relevant facts to assist in determining which party was at fault and who should assume responsibilities. Some factors that may be of importance during this process may include road conditions, weather conditions, the condition of the vehicles involved (i.e., faulty or defective auto parts), and whether or not alcohol or drugs were involved. You can collect compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, even punitive damages designed to discourage others from acting negligently.

The displaced residents would also be well advised to contact an attorney who can look out for their rights.