Posted On: October 22, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Perry County Company Faces Fines after Truck Inspection

After a recent inspection of a tractor-trailer owned by a company in Perry County, Carlisle police have issued over $15,000 in fines, according to a recently published article in the Patriot-News. The truck had a number of problems that made it unsafe to drive or to keep for the company’s use, according to police.

Police discovered the truck recently parked in the 300 block of South Hanover Street in Carlisle. Upon inspection, police discovered that the truck had not been registered with the state of Pennsylvania. It was also carrying more than 18 tons of weight over the legal weight limit for a truck of its size. In addition to discovering two blown-out tires on the truck, police also found a loose wheel, a tire that was leaking air, and a tire that was almost completely bald. Inspection of the truck’s brakes showed that fully half of them needed adjustment.

The truck has been placed out of service until the company repairs it, pays its fines, and gets a permit from the Department of Transportation.

Mechanical failures in large trucks are a common source of Pennsylvania truck accidents. Some mechanical failures are due to defective parts, while others are the result of the truck owner’s failure to keep the truck in proper working condition. This carelessness often results in serious truck accidents that cause injury to the driver and to others sharing the road.

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