Posted On: December 22, 2010 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Drop-Side Cribs Banned due to Infant Safety Issues

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has banned drop-side cribs with side rails that move up and down, reports A new standard that goes into effect in June of 2011 will require all cribs sold in the United States to have fixed sides. Since the year 2000, drop-side cribs have been responsible for the deaths of 32 infants and toddlers.

According to the CPSC, about 26 infants die every year from crib-related deaths. In addition to cribs, other children’s products are recalled every year, including toys, electronics, and bedding. Additionally, in 2006, there were 220,500 toy-related injuries and in 2003, there were over 80 toys recalled because of child safety hazards.

Parents using a drop-side crib are advised to check the crib’s hardware to make sure that it is working properly and the model has not been recalled. If your child has suffered physical injuries because of a toy or crib in Pennsylvania, you may want to get in touch with a Pennsylvania product liability attorney who can advise you on your legal options.

When a company manufactures a dangerous product, they can be held liable for any injuries or fatalities the product causes. Products may have a defective design, the company may have failed to properly warn consumers of a known danger, or the product may have a manufacturing defect. It is your right to assume that products you bought are safe. The Pennsylvania product liability attorneys at Cherry Fieger & Marciano, LLP represent clients with claims against corporations or manufacturers of defective products. Please call our firm to discuss your case with an experienced attorney during a free evaluation of your potential product liability case.