Posted On: February 17, 2011 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

New Jersey Worker Suffers Burn Injuries in Explosion Accident

Recently, a maintenance worker suffered minor burn injuries in an explosion at a New Jersey apartment complex. According to a report on, the man was spreading polyurethane on the floor of an apartment with the windows and doors closed. Fumes built up inside the apartment and when the refrigerator’s compressor came on, it sparked an explosion that shattered a glass door and knocked plasterboard off the walls in three rooms.

Fires and explosions account for about 3 percent of all workplace fatalities. A total of 113 workers were killed in 2009 due to fires or explosions. Three of the workers were from New Jersey and 5 workers died in Pennsylvania that year. About 5,000 workers are injured each year in explosion accidents.

Construction and industrial workplaces have many potential explosion hazards. It is crucial that safety regulations and procedures are followed by employers and workers are properly trained on safety measures. Pennsylvania explosion accidents are preventable if the proper safety rules are enforced. When regulations are not followed, workers may be at risk for injuries including severe burns, fall injuries, broken bones, toxic exposure, internal injuries, head injuries, muscle damage, and more.

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