Posted On: February 11, 2011 by Pennsylvania Personal Injury Attorney

Two NJ Tire Store Workers Injured in Explosion and Fire

Recently, two New Jersey tire store employees suffered burns after a motor vehicle fuel pump ignited and exploded. The Daily Record reports that that explosion accident occurred when an employee tried to put out the fire, but the force of discharge from an extinguisher knocked over a tray of gasoline, which further fueled the fire and triggered an explosion.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fires and explosions account for about 3 percent of workplace fatalities in the United States. In 2009, 113 workers were killed in 2009 in the U.S. due to fires or explosions. In New Jersey, there were 3 worker deaths because of fires or explosions that same year, and in PA, five workers died from the same causes.

If proper safety regulations and procedures are followed and companies train workers about safety rules and enforce them, Pennsylvania explosion accidents are largely preventable. However, if regulations are not followed or enforced, workers may be at risk for explosion accident-related injuries, including severe burns, fall injuries, broken bones, exposure to toxins, internal injuries, head injuries, muscle damage, and more.

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